Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TC, the first time around

I originally started chatting with TC on AFF (Adult Friend Finder) in November. He met hubby and I at a restaurant and we got to know each other over dinner and drinks. We established a good comfort level and moved on to a nearby motel. TC is about 6'2", a handsome black gentleman in his 40s. We started in kissing and touching each other. His kisses made me melt. That made for a great start.

As our clothes began to come off so we could better grope and stroke one another, I was impressed by his super hard, super thick penis. I imagine it's a good 8 or 9 inches long as well, but tough to judge length due to the thickness. Some ladies love a flaccid penis to play with. I prefer them rock hard and ready to rumble HAHA. He was definitely ready for action. He also scored big points by licking my pussy nice and slow. I had a nice slurpfest with his cock, sucking licking and stroking. The thickness made it difficult for me to get it very far in my mouth, but I made up for it with enthusiastic licking and rubbing while looking him right in the eye.

Finally, the moment I was waiting for - he put on a condom, laid me on my back and prepared to enter me. His thickness is unusual, much more oval than round and the head of his cock is amazingly large. As he pushed inside my soaking wet pussy, I experienced a totally new feeling. It was like nothing I'd felt before. He stretched me in different ways than any other man had ever done. This is exactly why I want to be a swinger/hotwife. Every sexual encounter is unique.

After a while, we changed position. I got on my hands & knees and TC entered me from behind. This was a wonderful new feeling. It also made for a great show for Michael. I could watch his face& he could watch mine while he watched me get plowed by that huge black rod. TC pounded me harder and harder while I moaned and yelped. He was a little too long to go all the way inside me, and the painful pleasure of him pushing my limits was wonderful and excrutiating at the same time.

We went through 3 condoms and neither of us had an orgasm, but we both thoroughly enjoyed trying. I met up with TC again last Friday night....more adventures to come!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally, what happened after we met Miles

When we got home after my fun with Miles, Michael was very eager to get his hands on me. As soon as the front door was shut behind us, he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing and undressing me simultaneously. "Tell me how much you loved that big black cock," he encouraged me. "Let me show you instead," I replied. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down and started licking and sucking his rock-hard manhood.

Michael was loving it, but he was really after something else. He pulled away and grabbed my hand, leading me into the bedroom. He gently laid me down on the bed then crawled up between my legs and began gently licking my pussy. His attention caused my swollen used cunt to throb with pleasure and I became soaking wet. It felt so good, but I needed to feel his cock inside me. So I asked him to PLEASE fuck me. He laughed and kept licking my pussy gently applying pressure to my clit as I squirmed and moaned. At last, I had a long and intense orgasm, screaming "YES, OH YES" while Michael kept applying pressure to my clit with his fingers and licking all around my pussy with his tongue. "You taste and smell like you've been fucking someone recently," Michael laughed. Then he slowly positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to my very sensitive and pusating pussy. "I think you're ready for another man," he whispered. I spread my legs as wide as I could and told him "I really need your cock inside me now." Michael leaned over so he could kiss me as he slowly slid his stiff rod inside me. The mixture of flavors on his lips was heavenly. Our tongues danced as I moaned and tried to get his cock deeper inside of me. Michael began to push into me harder and faster. I pushed back. We were both so aroused that it wasn't long before he shot his load deep inside my pussy. He stayed pretty hard and kept fucking me until I had another incredible orgasm. I love feeling cum drip out while I am getting fucked. It's one of my favorite things.

(Maybe I'll come back tomorrow and let you know about my fun last night)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

D/s roleplay fun continued

When we finally woke, Michael made coffee and scrambled eggs for me. We enjoyed our late breakfast, and spent a few hours cuddling on the sofa, listening to music. He kept telling  me "You are going to be my nasty slut and fuck any man I tell you to fuck. You haven't been getting fucked enough. I gave you a chance. Now I'm going to find lots of big cocks for you to worship and fuck."

Around 3 in the afternoon, I was told to go take a bath and make myself ready for a date. I was going to get fucked, and not by him. At least not until much later. Michael told me to wear a skirt with no panties and a stretchy top that clung to my breasts. I was not to wear a bra, and I put on thigh high stockings and sexy 3-inch heels. I used Michael'f favorite fragrance, and he was very pleased when he saw and smelled me. He told me he had a reward for me for dressing as I was told, and he pushed me down on my knees in front of him. He put my hands on the waistband of his pants and told me "Help yourself." I rubbed his crotch with my left hand and felt his cock growing and hardening inside his pants. My right hand was on an urgent mission to get into his pants!

Success at last! My hands cooperated and freed Michael's thick hard cock from his pants, and I leaned forward to begin licking and gently sucking his balls while stroking him. I glanced up at him and our eyes locked. The lust in his eyes combined with having him in my mouth and hands caused my pussy to moisten. He put his hand on top of my head, stroking my hair, and let me I was being a very good slut. Then his voice became more serious. He told me to put his cock away and fasten his pants because we needed to leave soon. "Stand up, hands behind your back" he insisted. I quickly got on my feet and stood facing him with my hands clasped behind my back. Michael put his hand under my skirt to feel my cunt. "Nice and wet, that's good. You need to be ready to get fucked. I found a man with a big cock and you are going to put on a nice slutty show for me. As soon as you see him, lean over and whisper in his ear that you are his slut and will do whatever he wants." I realized Michael was waiting for me to say something, but I was busy processing what he had said. I was uncertain if I could do what he expected. Michael grabbed my chin firmly, asking "What are you going to DO?" I'm sure my voice was very soft and shaky when I answered, "Sir, I'm going to be a nasty slut. I'm going to tell that man that I am his slut and will do anything he wants." Michael released me. He kissed me on the cheek and grabbed the car keys, saying "Let's go."

The drive was over an hour. Michael kept me busy, having me stroke his cock through his pants, rubbing my pussy and tits...stopping and starting at his command. It was amazing how free it felt to simply do as I was instructed. My level of arousal was over the top. I was sure I would be able to be a very good nasty slut and please my lover, my Master.

Our destination was a sports bar/restaurant, not a hotel or apartment. I was a little distressed at getting out of the car and going inside a public place with a sopping wet pussy, short skirt, and my clingy top. Michael must have really thought out what I should wear. He knew I'd be uncomfortable with the situation, so my outfit was not too slutty for a family venue. But he knew that I would feel the men's stares. I can sometimes go braless and it's not too noticeable. My breasts aren't very big and they are still perky for a 40-something woman. This day however, my tight top and aroused breasts were fairly noticeable. The idea made me both horny as hell and nervous.

Michael came around and opened my car door.  I got out of the car, straightened up my skirt, and we crossed the parking lot to the door of the bar. Michael chose a table in the bar area. Seated on a bar stool, it was difficult to be modest in my short skirt. Michael ordered a whiskey and I ordered a Long Island iced tea. I needed to relax a little, but not drink too much. I like to be sober so I can really enjoy sex.

It wasn't long before my date arrived. As soon as he walked in, I knew he was the one. I panicked, leaned over and whispered my 'slow down' safe word in Michael's ear. "I'm not ready to tell him what you want," I said.  Michael smiled, put his arm around me, and whispered, "It's fine lover, you just be a good nasty slut and put on a show for me. I want you to be comfortable, feel sexy, and have fun."  Miles was a black man in his 30s, about 5'10" - 5'11" and sturdy but not overweight. He had a great smile and I was instantly more aroused. I stood up and greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek as if he were an old friend. Our server came right away to see what Miles wanted to drink. His order placed and our server dispatched, he turned and looked me in the eye and placed his hand on my knee, saying "Damn, you are even sexier than your pictures." I managed to get out, "Thank you." We all three chatted and enjoyed our drinks. I have no idea what we talked about. We finished our drinks and headed out. Michael and I rode together, following Miles to his condo.

Once inside, Miles asked if we wanted anything to drink. I asked for water. Michael had some kind of liquor and sat in a chair at the far end of the sofa. Miles and I sat close together on the sofa. There was a few seconds of awkward silence, which I could not stand. The men were chatting, not sure I added anything to the conversation ...maybe it was sports, maybe music. I had enough. I put my hand on Miles' thigh and turned to face him. Leaning towards him, I reached my other arm around his shoulder and touching the back of his neck I went for a kiss. Miles leaned in to me and we kissed. I explored his mouth with my tongue and lips. My hands were on his neck and chest. He started touching my breasts and I moaned and gasped for air. He flashed his sexy smile at me, and I went back in for more. Continuing to kiss Miles' neck and nibble on his ears, my hands moved down to his crotch. I was on my knees straddling his lap. He was rubbing and pinching my erect nipples, making them harder and I felt my honey pot begin to overflow. My hands found his cock through his jeans. I could tell it was big and not quite hard yet. My pussy twitched in anticipation. I like to dive right in and not waste time, so I unzipped his jeans and grabbed the back of them. He laughed at my eagerness and I smiled at him and licked my lips. Then he lifted his hips so I could get his jeans all the way off. I grabbed his cock with my left hand and reached for my water with my right hand. Miles just sat back and enjoyed my attention.

I glanced over at Michael and he was just sitting back and enjoying the show. He gave me a wink and a smile. Putting my glass down, I let my eyes REALLY take in Miles' nice hard cock that my left hand had been stroking. This is the point where I should describe his penis in detail, giving lots of specific information about length and girth. I'm not great at eyeballing and coming up with measurements, but I will attempt. I estimate that Miles' erect penis was 7-9" long based on seeing it in my hand and how it felt inside of me later. He was nice and thick. My hand didn't quite go all the way around his cock, and I don't have small hands. I NEEDED to get my mouth around him, but I started slowly ... licking around the head and then drooling all over it as I continued to stroke him with my left hand. My right hand was busy caressing his balls. Miles moaned and leaned back to enjoy my efforts. It wasn't long before he wanted more. He put his hands on my head and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. My tongue was exploring any part of him that it could reach as he pushed further inside my mouth and into my throat. I gagged a little, causing my eyes to tear up and as his cock slid out of my throat I stared up into his eyes. Miles let go of my head and I continued to suck his cock and take it further and further into my mouth and then into my throat. As I relaxed and allowed it to go further, I got past the gagging and started to enjoy the feeling of having my mouth and throat filled up. I continued using my hands on his sac and also gently probing the entry of his ass. My pressure there caused Miles to groan loudly and say "Hell yes" so I encouraged him to roll over and I licked from his balls down to his anus while my hands stroked him. I began rimming him which is odd because I have only done this a few times before and only with Michael. Miles encouraged me to continue for a few minutes but then asked me to stop because it was too intense.

Miles stood up and offered me his hands. He helped me get to my feet and lifted my top over my head. The air conditioning combined with my state of arousal had my nipples hard as pebbles and Miles leaned over to lick and suck one while pinching the other. He went back and forth using his mouth and hand on my breasts while I leaned my head back and whispered, "Oh yes Miles, that feels so good. Yes yes yes." Then I leaned in and began to nibble at his ear lobes and he turned and put his mouth on mine. As we kissed passionately, his hands moved down to my hips and he began sliding my skirt down. I moved away from him briefly to step out of my skirt and I felt his eyes on my body. I'm tall and slender, but I have a few extra pounds here and there. I think I'm sexy and so did Miles. "Mmmm, you are HOT" he told me. Hell, even if he was exaggerating to make me want to fuck him (LOL) I am fine with that. Flattery is great, but I wanted his cock inside me with or without it. He grabbed a conveniently located condom and slid it on. Then he sat down and I straddled him. There's nothing like that sensation of feeling a cock about to enter me, especially one I have not felt before. I tried to take it slow, but I ended up sliding down onto him fairly fast. I savored the feeling of his thickness stretching out my pussy and the fullness made me wetter than ever. We kissed and he put his hands on my hips as I slid up and down his long hard cock. Our tongues were battling as if we were having a fencing match. I could feel him reach my cervix and the pain and pleasure combination was so intense. I reached behind me to fondle his balls and apply pressure below them and he grabbed my hips firmly and slammed me down as he shouted, "OH FUCK YEAH" as his cock began to twitch wildly. He ground himself hard into me and I felt his erection begin to soften a bit. I eased off him and removed the condom, licking him clean as he continued to mildly twitch. I was still so horny.

Michael said, "Thank you Miles, we need to get going now." I gave Miles a deep wet kiss and told him I enjoyed our time together. Then I got my clothes on and we left.  As he opened the car door for me, Michael leaned in and kissed me then whispered, "You are an excellent little slut and I can't wait to get you home and make you cum." I sighed and responded, "I need to feel your cum inside me." "That will not be a problem, you sexy cumslut," was his reponse. We both laughed softly and I got situated in the car.


Monday, June 6, 2011

the Dom/sub role-playing experience

I've always been fascinated with being dominated. All I had to do is mention my desires to my amazing husband and he did his homework to make my fantasy reality. Now a little background first - about this same time he and I were also researching and exploring me being a HotWife and dating other guys. Michael loves to watch me with other men. He calls me his personal porn star. I love to perform for him. Michael prefers for me to be with black men. Hot damn! I am very strongly attracted to black men. Am I lucky or what? I don't want to get off track, but would like to add that I am open to all men but have a strong preference for dark-skinned men, at least for now. ;-)

So back to the Dom/sub role-play: Michael  did his homework & one night he told me he had a surprise for me. He told me to wait a few minutes and join him in the bedroom. I did as I was told, waited a few minutes and then came and knocked on the door. He told me to come on in. I was instructed to get undressed and get down on my knees. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but I was very turned on. I could feel my nipples getting hard as I slipped out of my clothes. My pussy became very wet before I was even kneeling at his feet waiting to find out what he had in mind.  Michael spoke sternly to me, telling me I wasn't being a good enough slut for him. He wanted me to fuck more guys, fuck them whenever he told me to, not question him or make excuses. I loved the way he was telling me I needed to be a nasty slut for him and fuck anyone he told me to. My arousal level was through the roof! He told me to get up off the floor and raise my hands over my head up against the bedpost. Doing as I was told, I raised both hands up above my head standing nude against the bedpost at the end of the bed. Michael brought out some lovely smooth ropes and tied my hands over my head. He gave me two safe words - one meaning slow down and the other meaning FULL STOP.  He leaned in and kissed me very passionately, his tongue probing every inch of my mouth. While still kissing me, he began gently pinching my nipples. As he kissed around my ears and neck he began to pinch my nipples harder and harder. I moaned loudly, loving the sensations I was feeling ... gentle kisses, harsh nipple pinching. He began to pinch and tug very hard on my nipples. My moans were mixed with cries of pain. Then he stopped and just left me standing there - exposed - vulnerable. Pussy juices began to run down my leg. He took a second rope and used it to begin spanking me, spanking my ass hard, spanking my breasts and my pussy. He continued to tease me with the spankings. I wanted it to stop. I wanted it to continue. Michael instructed me to call him Sir or Master. He let me know that I WOULD be a good slutwife for him. I would fuck anyone anytime at his command. As he continued swatting me with the rope all over my naked vulnerable body I promised I would be his nasty slut and do exactly as he instructed and that I would enjoy fucking whoever he told me to fuck. Then my hands were released and I was rewarded with being able to suck his cock. I did such a great job sucking and stroking his cock that he decided to fuck me. While fucking me HARD he kept reminding me that I was his slut and I would do whatever he told me to do. I had my first orgasm with him on top of me and my heels on his shoulders. I squirted like crazy that night and when we finally were too tired to carry on (around 6 am) I grabbed clean towels to put on the wet spots and we fell asleep. We called in sick to work and slept in until about noon. (TO BE CONTINUED)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Couples Party Friday Night - swinging fun time

I'll come back later for more of a 'blow by blow' of the sexy fun I had. Right now, just know that it was a cool party. V is a beautiful and amazing hostess. She prepared some delicious food and opened up her lovely home to 7 couples. I think everyone managed to play with someone except for a couple who needed to leave early due to a kid issue. I finally got to meet Kevin who I'd been flirting with online for a few weeks.
All in all it was a great time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first time with another man since I'd been married

Incidentally, it was also my first intimate encounter with a woman. Yeehaw!

Mike (my hubby) had been engaged to Mallory before he met me...oh so so SO many years ago. They were both very young at the time, just out of high school. Mal met another guy who was older and who seemed like her ticket out of Mom & Dad's house. So they broke up and Mike decided to get out of town and try college. Thus, she drove him into my arms. Thanks Mal! Mal married that guy and they did not live 'happily ever after' but Mike and I did!

Fast forward about 20 years, Mal found Mike online and we met Mal and her new fiance Andrew for the purpose of possibly having a foursome or whatever combinations we could come up with between the four of us. I wore a minidress with stockings & heels - no panties or bra. Mal was wearing a skin-tight top and short skirt. She had recently had her nipples pierced and could hardly wait to show us.

I started at one end of the sofa with Andrew. Mike was with Mal at the other end. Strangely enough, it didn't feel very awkward. Andrew put me at ease, telling me how sexy I looked. We started kissing and he began to stroke my breasts. In no time, I was moaning putty in his hands. I have no idea what Mal & Mike were up to. I was so caught up in the moment with Andrew, kissing and touching him. I suddenly needed to see and touch Andrew's cock. But he stalled me, asking me to take off my dress. He laid me down on the sofa (hey, Mal and Mike were gone somewhere) and began to kiss and lick my thighs working his way up to my steaming hot wet pussy. I was writhing in ecstasy as Andrew's tongue flicked my clit and his fingers stroked my slippery cunt. After some begging on my part, he sat up and took off his clothes so I could get a good look at his cock. I persuaded him to lean back and I got on my knees on the floor in front of him. Grabbing his sizable cock in my right hand, I leaned over and started to lick it all over from balls to head and back again. Once I had drooled over every inch of it, I started to suck gently gradually taking more and more of it into my mouth. I stroked and sucked his cock until he was about to blow and he grabbed my head with both hands shoving me down hard onto his cock. He began to cum, gagging me a little. I swallowed some of his cum as the rest dribbled out of my mouth. Andrew suggested we should go see what Mike and Mal were up to.

We found them in the bedroom. Mike was fucking Mal in the missionary position. When they saw us, they stopped what they were doing. Mal took my hand and pulled me down to her and started kissing me. We rubbed our breasts together and explored each other's bodies with our hands as the guys watched. Mallory guided me into the 69 position. She was lying down on the bed and I was straddling her face while my face was getting closer and closer to her pussy. I licked her clit and sucked her labia while she flicked her tongue all over my pussy. We continued probing one another with fingers and tongues for quite a while. Then I felt hands on my ass and a cock pressing into me from behind. I looked up and saw Mike grinning and watching so I knew it was Andrew about to fuck my pussy. He kept teasing me with it.I was so desparate to feel his cock inside me. It was longer and thicker than Mike's and I needed to know what it would feel like inside my pussy. Finally, he slid it all the way into my pussy. It felt so nice and hard inside me. He began to fuck me slowly as Mallory kept licking my pussy. I did my best to continue giving her a special pussy licking, but it wasn't easy with Andrew inside me. After a bit, Andrew decided he wanted to watch for a while. So Mike took his face and fucked me good and hard. While I was getting plowed by Mike, I managed to help Mallory have an orgasm with my fingers inside of her and my tongue on her clit.

We all collapsed in a heap on the bed. I checked the clock and knew it was time to get home. So I kissed Mallory and Andrew good night and we headed home. I was so horny I couldn't stop touching Mike in the car driving home. We undressed on our way to the bedroom and Mike laid down on his back. I mounted him - my pussy still very wet from earlier - and I grinded on him like a poodle in heat. He was grasping me at the hips and thrusting up into me as I was riding him hard. Just as I was about to orgasm, I leaned over and kissed him. He pulled my  hips down to meet his and I exploded in orgasm. Just as my waves of pleasure started to slow, Mike closed his eyes and came like crazy inside my pussy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why did we decide after over 20 years of marriage to try Swinging?

I can't answer this question exactly. We were happy and had plenty to keep us busy. Sex was great.

My darling hubby, Michael had hinted and suggested I  might have sex with various friends of his. We had watched movies where this happened and they were fairly inspirational to our sex life. One night just before our 20th wedding anniversary, I hit google and tried to figure out what swinging was all about. I'd heard of swinging before - I loved the TV show Swingtown! I had not heard of 'HotWife's though. That term became a part of my life more recently. So that night, I registered Michael and I as a couple on a Swingers dating site. I flirted with a few single men on chat, browsed profiles, responded to emails. But somehow our first swinging experience ended up being with someone Michael and I knew - a woman he'd been engaged to and her husband.

For my next post, I'll try to describe that first encounter in all its erotic glory.